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"Life is not meant to be lived in a state of constant sadness, depression, anxiety, worry—but unfortunately, many of us have become stuck in a repeating loop of doubt and dissatisfaction because we are always in pursuit of changing what we perceive to be ‘wrong’ with us. We try every single 'fix', shortcut, temporary patch only to be met with disappointment when it doesn't work. I know this because I walked in those shoes for many years until I was finally able set myself free when I learned how to get to the core of my issues and truly heal."
Cecilia Berkley, Certified Holistic Coach & Practitioner

Many of us are currently navigating through life fighting an uphill battle because of various physical ailments we are dealing with. Perhaps you have experienced, or may be dealing with, one or more of the following:

  • hormone imbalances
  • brain fog
  • pre-menopause symptoms
  • Body fatigue
  • Migraines/headaches
  • Stomach bloating
  • Irritability
  • Weight loss / obesity
  • Dry/dull skin
  • Acne/breakouts name a few.
These physical ailments can cause us to not think straight and to feel stuck in a constant loop of sadness, depression, anxiety, and fears.

What My Custom Detox Programs Do

Through my customized wellness programs, I work 1-on-1 with you to get to the root of these issues by targeting the fungus that is triggering these physical ailments. Our gut, often referred to as our 'second brain', can either be working for us or against us depending on how in/out of-balance it is. Through my detox programs, I target the bacteria/fungus found in the gut by incorporating powerful juices, superfoods, and herbs that will eliminate the bacteria, calm the nervous system and allow your bodily systems to work harmoniously together resulting in a radical improvement on the quality of your life, your wellness and the vitality in your every day living.

We offer various customized wellness programs including an 11-day Gut Detox & Reset Plan and a 28-day Calming Release Beauty + Wellness Detox Plan. Below you will find more information on both programs.

28-Day Program: How it works

For 28 days you will be a part of a life-changing and transformative experience where our sole focus will be your success. You will learn how to slow down to calm the nervous system, balance gut health, and detoxify the body allowing you to move through life feeling more clear-minded, balanced and inspired. The body will be reset and be optimized to fight off disease, illness, and truly thrive.

Why target the nervous system and gut? Our nervous system and gut health have significant impact on our mood and our brain and bodily functions. When we calm the nervous system and detox the gut we are addressing the root cause of our issues. As a trained and certified Holistic Practitioner, Coach, and Aesthetician, Cecilia will customize a plan based on your unique circumstances and desired goals.

She will craft custom grocery lists with ingredients to create detoxifying recipes, incorporate superfood supplements, and provide various holistic practices that will heal the imbalances in the gut and the nervous system. You will also have a weekly 45 minute in person or video/phone call with Cecilia to discuss progress in addition to an online coaching platform that will contain a variety of resources and exercises that will aid with maintaining accountability.

You are not alone in this. Cecilia and her team will guide you throughout the program and will provide support in whatever capacity you need. We understand that the journey you will embark on is not an easy one but one that will bring forth the transformation you have desired.


This 28 day (4 week) comprehensive Holistic Beauty + Wellness detox plan is available in a virtual setting or combination of in-person & virtual and includes:

  • Weekly customized nutrition plan with gut balancing recipes & ingredient lists
  • One (1) customized lymphatic drainage treatment (using OxyLight) & a relaxing Holistic Ear Candle treatment–if taking wellness program virtually, this component will be substituted out for another option or reduced from the total program cost
  • Weekly 45min touchpoint with Cecilia to discuss progress & goals Online coaching platform where resources will be delivered and accountability will be held (e.g. progress pictures, holistic exercises, etc.)
  • 20% off on all Corazon Organic products, including superfoods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that alkalize, energize, and nourish our cells
  • Full support from Cecilia and her team with any questions, reactions, or experiences resulting from the program

The duration of the program is 28 days from the initial start date which can be commenced at any time.


The cost for the program varies as it is customized based on your specific beauty & wellness goals.  Upon completion of a consultation we will provide you with the program cost.

For more information on our wellness programs contact us at (480) 805-1441 or ‘’.

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